Message from Director

Message from Director

Prof. Y. Lakshman Kumar, Ph.D.,

Dr. Y. Lakshman Kumar, Ph.D.,


Dear Students ,

Learning is eternal. But what we learn in what point in time is most important to us. In the changing and dynamic scenario both in India and the world, bringing the change in what we learn is also critical. The traditional models of management education has changed owing to the requirements of the industry and the world outside. Education not only has to prepare for jobs but also for a lifetime career. A traditional functional and discipline oriented curriculum becomes outdated in this context. A dynamic wide ranging curriculum is what is needed to make our learning more apt to the changing times. To solve problems of business we need both Inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach accompanied with research orientation. Class room learning has to be accompanied with a practical engagement which helps in internalizing the understanding. Thus, we at ISBR achieve vision of knowledge creation and dissemination.

The experience a student gets at ISBR is unique as the whole academic process makes the student get closer to reality. ISBR prepares students beyond examinations and grades. The experiential learning at ISBR enables exposure to the real challenges of Industry and the society. The students get an opportunity of being a part of a team that provides real time solutions to the user systems. The learning at ISBR is holistic and contributes to the molding of well-rounded individuals to enable them to be potential leaders as learning is blended with co-curricular and extra-curricular experience. A free mind devoid of stressful learning is the culture we adopt. Club activities and committees enables the real learning through fun.

The team at ISBR is committed to contribute to expand your horizons through training, mentoring and transformation initiatives. Our joint and judicious efforts in the right direction makes learning at ISBR a Life time experience.