ISBR Innovation Council

ISBR Innovation Council

INNOVENTURE - Institution’s Innovation Council

The Ministry of Education, Government of India’s initiative to foster the spirit of innovation in students of HEIs led to ISBR Business School’s Institute Innovation Council, Innoventure. Innoventure has been established with the primary aim of inspiring, promoting and encouraging young minds by supporting their new ideas. IIC, Innoventure at ISBR Business School under the leadership of Dr Y Lakshman Kumar is headed by Dr. Sheetal Mahendher to develop innovation and creativity in the minds of the students by conducting various innovation and entrepreneurship activities. The focus is on identifying and creating new innovations and rewarding them. Ideation is only the first step of innovation, however, one cannot have a start-up without doing research. Innoventure helps the students in completing the cycle of innovation, and have been working on a pre-incubation cell, which would help the young ideators to become an entrepreneur. It also focuses on organizing regular workshops/seminars/interactions with the established, and successful entrepreneurs, which would help the students to garner some insights that would aid them in the future.

The student team of IIC-Innoventure comprises of President, Mr. Watan Singh and Vice President, Mr. Eakesh Goswami. The IIC lead, who looks over the activities conducted, is Ms. Snehalraj Verma. The lead of the research and consultancy is Ms. Nandini Soni. The media lead is Ms. Akshara Bipin.

The IIC is responsible for creating a number of seminars, webinars, guest lectures, motivational talks, etc…, as per the schedule provided by the Ministry of Innovation Cell.

Major focus of IIC:

  • To create a vibrant local innovation system.
  • To develop start-up supporting mechanisms in HEIs.
  • To prepare Institute for Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements Framework.
  • Establish Function Ecosystem for Scouting ideas and Pre-Incubation of ideas.
  • Develop better Cognitive Ability for students excelling in Technology.

Functions of IICs:

  • To conduct various innovation and entrepreneurship-related activities prescribed by Central MIC in time bound fashion.
  • Identify and reward innovations and share success stories.
  • Organize periodic workshops/seminars/interactions with entrepreneurs, investors and professionals and create a mentor pool for student innovators.
  • Network with peers and national entrepreneurship development organization.
  • Organise hackathons, idea competition, mini challenges with industry involvement.

The events are being organized by IIC Team. The team gets guidance from faculty IIC Ambassadors. The student team members are Snehalraj Verma, Amrit Patnaik, Lakshmi VS, Nidhi Hegde, and Chaithra. Each and every member of this team has been assigned with a task to plan the events and to contact the resource persons who will be invited to the events. The IIC regularly organizes events, activities and seminars which intends to promote entrepreneurial ideas of young minds. After the completion of each event, each team is assigned the task of uploading the complete report to the IIC’s website by the end of the day. The IIC team arranges two kinds of events; one is provided by MIC in IIC’s calendar, where the events for four quarters are provided, and the other are the self-driven events. At the end of each event, the forum opens up for discussions, and the students can ask any doubts and questions during and also at the end of the event.

At ISBR Business school, we believe in research. Without proper research, attaining success is improbable. Hence, to embolden the research spirits of the students, we have an exclusive research and consultancy wing.

Research and Consultancy Wing:
The Research and Consultancy wing of ISBR Business School, Bangalore leverages the brightest managerial minds in the country. This wing is an extension of Innoventure, as ISBR business school believes in providing a space where the research mind set of the students shall be nurtured. It provides best-in-class infrastructure to address real-world problems faced by different operations. The team lead for this wing is Ms. Nandini Soni. The team under her have Shruti Bohra, Anmol Jain and Kirubha Gowri S, who have been working in realizing the goals of this wing. The students are trained on how to write research papers using different tools and software which helps them to strengthen the write-ups. In the long run, several Data Analysis workshops are conducted to enhance the skills of students and to enable them to analyse and interpret primary data collected for their research and live projects. Live projects and consultancy projects are included in curriculum which helps students to enrich their understanding and analyse the market effectively. These events spawn across various disciplines, including strategy, finance, company, marketing, operations, supply chain, etc. However, the central theme of the club shall be focused on research paper writing and similar workshops. The trainings are designed to provide a platform to the students to interact with the academia and industry professional and cultivate an understanding of the consulting domain. A large number of quality papers are published in the leading journals indexed under SCOPUS, ABDC, and WOS and also presented in reputed conferences. The Innoventure has several Best Paper Awards won by students and faculty at conferences. ISBR also has its own peer-reviewed journal called "ISBR Journal of Management" which is a bi- annual journal and publishes papers received from scholars and faculty across the globe.

Rural Immersion Programme:
ISBR Business School has also commenced the Rural Immersion Programme in order to foster responsible and compassionate leadership in the students. This flagship programme is self-driven by IIC-Innoventure. The team of IIC-Innoventure, have worked relentlessly to effectuate this programme. Rural Immersion Programme is introduced as a part of the curriculum in the second trimester for the PGDM students. ISBR believes that the future leaders and entrepreneurs of this country must be equipped with good social and political knowledge. It is essential for the students to be aware of the livelihoods of people from all walks of life in order to lead them and this country to prosperity. We aim to make this an unforgettable experience for both the rural residents and the students. The students are required to be completely engaged in the villages in the vicinity of Bengaluru, Karnataka, for three days. The main objective of this programme is to develop a deep understanding of the lives of the people in the villages and look into ways of improving the same. We are also keen on upskilling the women in these villages and making them independent. The education received by the children in these areas is divergent from that of urban areas. We aim to look into ways to bridge those variations. We, at ISBR, believe that this experience would be an unparalleled learning opportunity for the students and would encourage them to be superlative managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Media Team:
The Media Team concentrates on the creation of templates and posters, media (video and pictures) presentation of visits, required reports, social media posts, and media coverage of events conducted by IIC Innoventure which are posted on the various social media platforms, which are, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. All communication, including social media sites is handled by the Media Team. The team is led by Akshara Bipin Palshetkar, who manages a team of 5 people consisting of Paninila P A and Sneha Shahi who are the creative team indulging in creating posters and creative content, Harsh Lala and Satya Vineesha P who look after creating videos and other creatives for YouTube, reels and other media outlets with the inclusion or editing requirements and Harshita Rai works on creative writing and reports, if required, for the IIC Innoventure vertical.