Students speak about ISBR

What Students Speaks About ISBR



As we all know that ISBR is the first stepping stone in the field of management study and we are the first lucky batch. I am proud to be a part of it because here along with studies getting practical case studies and recent scenario of current industries, here we are also getting visiting cum guest lectures from companies like WIRPO, MET LIFE & ING etc. which is required in any industry now a days... we also have backup of BHARTI GROUP

Sugandha Singh, Gwalior

The Management Programmes at ISBR are designed to equip practicing managers to act as agents of change-catalysts in effective decision making. It is matters of a certain degree of pride that ISBR contributing towards the expansion of knowledge base in its field of endeavor-through research, through innovation in management theory and practice and new initiatives across the globe.

Let it be my privilege to welcome you to the world of ISBR

JINCY JOHN , Rajastan

This is the emphatic phrase on which ISBR wants its students to focus on . ISBR provides its students a perfect platform to grow, and robust its personality to Withstand to the growing expectations of the society. It creates a great synergy among its students. To conclude with, let me quote the words of MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. "THE TIME IS ALWAYS RIGHT TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT." So it is the right to take the right decision with ISBR to guide u.

SOUMYA.N, Bangalore

The MBA programme is helping me to develop confidence and improve my personality to face the challenges of the business world. I am fortunate to be a part of ISBR family. Regular course work, projects and seminars gives us an opportunity to stretch our abilities which will help us to face the competitive world. Motivating staff, helpful friends-their support and encouragement are the best of everything.

Payal Majumdar , Karnataka

ISBR ,Bangalore is the college where we are able to develop our personality as well as knowledge and skills through different training given by the Institute. In this Institute we are not only able to get the knowledge about the subject but also about the outer world.

Jinu B Vargheese, Kerala

ISBR is one of the finest institute where education seeks the reality. It has got a full fledge infrastructure, experienced faculty And a good quality of education. All in all a beautiful combination of learning, fun and experience.

Girish Gopinathan, Kerala

ISBR provides you platform to grow by arming with all the skills and giving ISBR students a competitive advantage through workshop and Six Sigma course thereby making you focus on quality management too.

Puja Rathod , Gujrat

ISBR - Real world Real Learning
It is the world of knowledge that renounces darkness and spreads ignorance. It is the moon that lightens the stars (where stars are the students) Again it is a tree that gives sweet and citrus fruits.

Kathirvan, Tamil Nadu

ISBR is a very special global B-school, which focuses completely on the future managers needs. The faculty present are really world-class. Here we are nurtured very well to get the best what corporates looks for.

Neema John, Kerala

The name ISBR was heard for the first time ,didn't know whether to join or not .But now I am happy to say that I have taken the right decision .And in fact I am proud to be the first batch of this college.

I am sure that I will have a good future from ISBR.

Ramakanta Bharti , Orissa

After joining ISBR I feel I have chosen the right path of success to my career. Being a graduate in Commerce I can achieve the best here. To me the faculty are the best . ISBR .in past three months have had a great time in ISBR

Puneet Pahwa, Hariyana

Learned so many things about corporate world after coming to ISBR . Teaching methodology is quite practical and professional .They are giving a sort of finishing touch to all my inner qualities.

Shahbaz , Karnataka

Institution with quality education and well disciplined .A good platform to groom one's career. With the dedicated faculty giving the best of their knowledge to teaching.

Bandana Salhotra , Karnataka

ISBR-The Real World and the Real Learning
I joined ISBR because it has got very good record of placements Education System.is very latest here.ISBR provide very skilled and experienced faculty to teach us, which help us to get the good exposure to the latest management techniques .And I am very happy that I have taken a right decision ,as the staff members of ISBR are also very helpful.

I hope I will learn a lot from ISBR and come out with flying colors with a placement in good MNC company.

Betsy Joseph, Kerala

Studying in ISBR has given me rich "living" and "learning " experience . Faculty and staff are very much encouraging and I have been enlightened with more knowledge. I feel lucky to be part of ISBR family.

Amruthalakshmy , Kerala

ISBR- The Corporate Edge
ISBR has given me a platform to exhibit my hidden talents. It has changed my whole perspective towards life. Within a short spam ISBR experience has filled in me immense confidence, to face all types of hurdles. Time , and multitasking is what I have learnt within three months. World class faculty at ISBR is really an asset to each and every student.Isbr teaches us to understand and apply knowledge rather than spoon feeding things.

Jasmine Margeret , Tamil Nadu

ISBR helps me in bridging the gap between the outside world with my capabilities. The encouraging staff and students are the gem of ISBR family, I am proud to be a member of this great family.

Vijendra Prasad K , Karnataka

ISBR , place with full of opportunities, challenges and new thoughts. Here we learn how to face the challenges, develop leadership qualities.

Amith Jain M.S, Karnataka

A place where we are nurturing the qualities of manager. A place where we are exposed to the corporate world to take on the future challenges.